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Tractor Trailer Crashes in San Francisco, Killing One

A big rig lost control in a suburb of San Francisco CA yesterday, slamming into a strip mall, which killed the driver and sparking a fire.

The tractor trailer was carrying gravel and dirt and was going north on Railroad Ave. in Pittsburg. It slammed into two cars that were stopped at a light. The big rig then careened into the building and caused an explosion.

The drivers of the two cars suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital.

It is suspected that a mechanical problem caused the truck driver to lose control.

The accident is being investigated.

After years of working on tractor trailer personal injury cases, we know how some trucking companies may sometimes let safety concerns slide out of concern for profits. Trucking companies sometimes push their drivers to drive more than they should, and to not write down how many hours they drive. Or, trucking companies sometimes do not perform maintenance on their vehicles that they should.

There are many cases of bald tires or mechanical problems leading to crashes that cause death or injury.

We implore all truck operators and their companies to ensure that their vehicles are maintained to state and federal standards, and to never drive more hours than federal rules allow.

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