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Tractor-Trailer Kills NC Pedestrian

A female pedestrian was hit by a tractor-trailer and killed on January 6, 2011, in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC). According to WBTV, police are investigating the accident, which occurred at approximately 6:05 pm along the 16500 block of U.S. 521 Highway/Lancaster Highway near Ardrey Kell Road. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics; she did not have identification on her.

Neither the driver nor the passenger of the tractor trailer were injured. As per CMPD detective A. J. Oberer, the 2009 Freightliner tractor trailer was heading northbound in the right lane and had just passed a stoplight. The pedestrian victim was in the road directly in front of the trailer-she may have been trying to cross the street.

Our sympathies go out to the victim and her family for this tragedy. When a loved one is taken from you suddenly in a truck accident, it can be a heartbreaking and overwhelming experience.

Whenever a truck driver injures or kills an individual
, he or she is not only person who can be held accountable for your loss. The trucking company may also bear a portion of the responsibility, since they employed the driver, and because the accident happened while he was on duty. A successful wrongful death claim against all liable parties can mean significant compensation for your loss. If you are interested in pursuing a case, be sure to contact a qualified, compassionate attorney who can get you the justice you deserve, while treating you with respect during these difficult times in your life.


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