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Tractor-Trailer Slams Into School Bus in North Carolina (NC)

A school bus accident this morning left dozens of students injured. It happened in Pamlico County, North Carolina (NC), nine on your side reports.

The accident happened along Highway 55 in the town of Reelsboro.  A student was almost seriously injured when he tried to get on the bus only seconds before a semi-truck rear-ended the back of it.  It really burns me up that the semi driver, who is supposed to be a professional driver, could be so negligent.  That poor child could have been killed. 

 That student said he saw the bus lurch forward from the impact nearly 40 feet.  There were 27 students on the bus and 16 of them were taken to the hospital in New Bern. Parents and students are still shocked by the whole thing.  I'm shocked as well.  How can you not see a huge yellow bus with a large red flashing stop sign that pops out?

Fortunately, everyone is expected to be okay and there are no major injuries. But it still doesn't explain how the tractor-trailer driver could be so careless as to rear-end a parked school bus?  It seems like more and more children are being injured in these types of accidents, usually by distracted drivers.

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