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Tracy Morgan Recovers From Traumatic Brain Injury

Tracy Morgan, the comedian who was severely injured in a car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike last year, will soon be returning to NBC. He announced last week that he will host Saturday Night Live Oct. 17.

Morgan has mostly recovered from a brain injury, broken arm and ribs from the horrific crash last June. He and a few friends were riding back from a comedy show to New York in a limousine, when they were rear ended by a Walmart tractor trailer. It was reported later that the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and sped through a construction zone on the turnpike and slammed into Morgan’s vehicle. His friend was killed and Morgan was severely injured.

The brain injury was severe enough that he was even in a coma for a few weeks. His recovery, though, has been dramatic and he currently is showing few signs. Morgan realizes though that he is very lucky; many TBI sufferers do not ever fully recover.

Our Virginia traumatic brain injury attorneys have settled many TBI cases involving tractor trailers, and we are delighted that Morgan has been able to enjoy such a dramatic recovery. Many of our clients have been killed or permanently disabled due to careless and negligent truck drivers.

We worked on a case a few years ago where a tractor trailer rear ended a car at a stop light in Virginia Beach. The two young girls suffered severe brain injuries. Police believe that the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. The impact was so bad that the trunk of the car was crushed into the passenger compartment which smashed the girls’ heads into the head rests on the front seats.

In the end, the physical recovery of both girls was good; however, one of them suffered severe brain injuries that were not readily visible by looking at her. This is often what happens in TBIs; much of the damage cannot be seen with the eye. It is the job of a good personal injury attorney to educate the jury about the real injuries that were done to the brain that are not easily seen. Our legal team was able to show the brain injuries done to one of the girls, and we were able to secure a $21 million settlement to provide for her life time health care and rehabilitation needs.

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