Train Crossing Accident Costs Boy His Leg

VA Railroad Accident LawyerA recent train crossing accident in Chicago cost an 11 year-old boy his leg, and this tragedy is raising questions about the safety of this particular train crossing in the suburb Blue Island.

Local media reported that the boy was running to catch the school bus in early December on the other side of the tracks. It is thought that he raced across the path of the oncoming train when he stumbled and fell onto the tracks.

A few days later, reporters saw several people doing the same thing at the same railroad crossing. Some people allegedly were crossing even as the oncoming train blasted its horn. The sidewalks near the train crossing do not have barricades, so too many people are risking a run across the tracks.

As train accident personal injury attorneys, we have seen a number of pedestrians injured or killed at train crossings in the last several years. We deeply regret the injury suffered by this child and are glad he was not killed.

However, these sorts of incidents are entirely preventable: Do not ever allow your children anywhere near railroad tracks. Not only is it illegal, modern trains are quieter than in years’ past, and of course, they take a long time to stop.  These simple points may seem obvious, but these terrible train crossing accidents continue to happen in the US every single year! We hope more pedestrians will take heed after this accident and stay clear of railroad crossings.


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