Train Derailment in California Sparks Safety Worries

Richmond, California (CA) residents were concerned this week after a slow-moving train containing pork derailed near an elementary school.

While the cargo was not dangerous in this case, residents were alarmed nonetheless. If the cargo had been toxic or explosive, the results could have been tragic.

BNSF oversees the trains that go through this area of California. The company reported that two crude oil trains take that route per month.

A spokesman from BNSF stated this week that the company has spent more than five billion dollars to boost infrastructure and to do more inspections of railroad tracks in dozens of states.

Nevertheless, there still are many concerns about train derailments around the US, particularly because there are more trains than ever carrying crude oil.

We have seen the results of train derailments in Virginia, where we are personal injury lawyers for car, truck and train accidents. In one case, we won a settlement for $190,000 for a worker who was injured in a train derailment. It is our hope that train companies will continue to invest more funds in safety to avoid these types of accidents.

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