Train Derails in Wytheville, Virginia

Two roads were closed July 15 in Wytheville Virginia (VA) after a serious train derailment. A total of 14 cars derailed Monday night at 6:15 pm in Wytheville at the intersection of Grayson Turnpike and Old Stage Road.

The train is owned by Norfolk Southern, and at press time, three of the cars had been cleared from the tracks. The cars that were not involved in the derailment were disconnected on the west side of the track.

On the east side of the tracks, the railroad company already has begun laying down new rails.

This is a serious issue for Norfolk Southern, as it is their main line, and railroad officials stated today that they are working to open it as quickly as they can.

Workers have been pulling all of the other derailed cars into piles to get them out of the way. It is believed that the clean up could take another day, and the roads will be closed during that time.

Many of the cars were carrying cars and fingernail polish. There have not been any chemical leaks yet, according to the police.

The police stated that the derailment occurred parallel to a streets that has houses and businesses, but there was not any apparent damage to any structures, but the problem has caused major disruptions in the town of 30,000.


The NTSB is investigating the cause of the crash.

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