Train Slams into Tractor Trailer Leaving Dozens Injured in Halifax NC Crash

A tractor trailer that became stuck on railroad tracks in Halifax, N.C. was slammed into by an Amtrak commuter train, resulting in at least 55 people injured in the crash.

According to a spokesperson from the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the truck involved was a 164-foot flatbed trailer. It was transporting a large modular building, which was wrapped in blue plastic and jammed full of electrical equipment. The vehicle was making its way from Clayton to the Virginia border and was being escorted by troopers.

While driving through the town of Halifax, the truck attempted to negotiate a left-hand turn over the tracks and onto a two-lane road. The truck’s driver failed to make the turn, and for several minutes, one of the escorting troopers attempted to assist the driver in navigating the turn, but because of the size of the vehicle, the driver just could not make it.

The trooper and driver were unaware there was a train coming until it appeared on the track, with warning lights flashing. The crossing arms came down across the tracks; however, the truck could not reverse the vehicle to get it off the tracks in time because of the line of traffic which had backed up behind it.

When the truck driver realized he could not get the truck off the tracks in time, he jumped out of the vehicle right before the train smashed into it. The conductor of the train and dozens of passengers, were all transported to area hospitals with injuries.

Thankfully, there have been no fatalities reported from this train accident. That wasn’t the case in February when seven people were killed in two different commuter train accidents, one in New York and the other in California.

Victims of this train crash should contact an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney to find out what compensation they may be entitled to for pain and loss they will suffer because of the injuries they’ve sustained in this crash.


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