Train/Truck Disaster Averted in Ohio

A disaster was averted in Eaton Township, Ohio yesterday when a gasoline tanker truck became stuck at a railroad crossing on State Route 83 as a train approached.

The truck driver for North Canton Transfer was driving to the Buckeye gas terminal north of the railroad tracks when the brakes on the truck locked. This left the truck stuck on the tracks with a CSX train bearing down on it.

The state highway patrol said that the train was going at 40 mph, but the train engineer saw the truck on the tracks. He started to slow the train when it was about 1.5 miles from the crossing. It eventually did strike the tanker truck, but it only was going 10 mph at the time.

Fortunately, the gas truck was mostly empty.

We are relieved that there were no injuries or serious accident involved in this near miss in Ohio. In our personal injury practice in Virginia, we have worked on many lawsuits involving train/truck or car wrecks that led to serious injury and death. In many of these cases, the driver of the vehicle tries to beat the train before it gets to the railroad crossing. This type of behavior is very dangerous, and is something no driver should ever attempt.

We all should remember to yield right of way at train tracks. Not only can it save your life, it can save the lives of passengers on the train, as a collision can lead to a train derailment.

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