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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Bike Helmets

Many bike riders do not want to wear bike helmets, and there really is no good reason for this. We are experienced personal injury attorneys who deal with many bike accidents. Careless car drivers often run into biker riders and cause them serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. The chances of surviving such an event are increased if you wear a bike helmet.

We read an article recently about a 27 year old man in California who was riding his bike without a helmet when he fell on the ground after being hit by a car. He cracked his head on the cement, and his life since them has never been the same.

He was in a coma in a San Francisco hospital for a week and had to have several surgeries for two months. He then required 24 hour care, and had to move back in with his parents. He also had to spend a year learning to walk, talk and feed himself again.

He still suffers from double vision and permanent hearing loss, facial paralysis and nerve damage.

While the accident was caused by a careless driver, and the man has received financial compensation in a lawsuit, much of this could have been avoided if he had simply worn a bike helmet.

Our work on these types of personal injury cases has shown that head injuries can be reduced greatly if the biker wears a helmet. Of course, even with a helmet, the brain still can be damaged when it strikes the inside of the skull. This can lead to brain injuries and concussions. If you are struck by a car on a bike, be sure to be checked out at a hospital right away, and then speak to a personal injury attorney to review your options. But please – be sure to wear a bike helmet any time you get on your bike.


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