Just recently, a Triton High School student was killed while another student, the driver, was injured as the SUV they were in slammed at full speed into the Dunn, North Carolina Walmart. Although no shoppers were injured, the Triton Junior, would end up dying as a passenger in the vehicle, in a very tragic and senseless crash.

As the father of two young daughters and a son, I want to send my deepest sympathies to the parents who lost their daughter, who was just 16 years old, in this horrible accident.  That’s a loss I wish no parent had to endure. According to police, it was a teen-age girl that was killed in the wreck. The driver of the SUV was a teen-aged boy described as a Senior at Triton High School. He was air lifted to Wake Med hospital and looks like he will survive after being listed in stable condition.

Accident eye-witnesses mentioned that  the SUV  pulled out of the Murphy Gas station located at the Walmart parking lot. Then, it appeared that the SUV sped up clipping a couple of cars before flipping a few times prior to smashing into the storefront.After what had transpired, it was indeed fortunate that no other injuries or deaths occurred during this incident. Captain Jimmy Pope, of the Dunn Police Department admitted that they were extremely fortunate that this was not a crowded Walmart.

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In an attempt to discover what was the cause of the wreck, investigators with the state Highway Patrol are trying to reconstruct the crash to determine how fast the SUV was going and to determine if the SUV had any mechanical defect. They planned to use video footage from Walmart security cameras to assist in the reconstruction.