Trooper, Innocent Driver Hurt in HRBT Chain-Reaction Crash

A four-vehicle wreck on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel sent three people to the hospital with injuries. The chain-reaction happened as the individuals involved were traveling from Hampton to Norfolk just after noon on November 17, 2016.



The pileup started with a rear-end collision. A state trooper had pulled over a person to serve an arrest warrant, and two cars uninvolved in that situation collided in slowing traffic. The impact of the rear-end collision sent one of those cars onto the shoulder, where it struck the trooper's cruiser and pushed it into the stopped suspect's vehicle.

The driver who caused the rear-ender has been charged with reckless driving. The person in the car knocked off the road sustained injuries, as did the at-fault driver and the trooper.

Virginia's Move Over Law exists to minimize the possibility of crashes like this one on the HRBT. The law requires all driver approaching a law enforcement official or emergency responder working by the side of the highway to reduce speed and, if possible, change lanes in order to give the person time and space to do their public safety work safely. When drivers fail to obey this law, wrecks often occur and people dedicated to serving the public get hurt.

The driver charged with operating recklessly should have responsibility for settling insurance claims from the both the other people he injured. Speaking with a Virginia personal injury lawyer will help them deal with the at-fault driver's insurance company and confront issues related to limited coverage.


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