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Truck Accident Injuries: Samsung Creates Safety Truck to Help Prevent Wrecks

There is nothing worse for a driver than being stuck behind a slow moving tractor-trailer. Aside from the slow speed there is also the chance of rocks being kicked up and a lack of visibility of the road ahead for the driver of the car. But passing one of these large trucks can be dangerous and at times deadly. Because of this Samsung has invented the Safety Truck. The electronics company was apparently sickened by the number of car accidents that are caused each year by people unsuccessfully overtaking semi-trucks on one-lane roads and decided to do something about it.

The Safety Truck is mounted with a wireless camera in front that sends constant live video of the road ahead of the truck to four outdoor monitors on the back door. The camera also has night-vision mode, so it can work 24 hours a day to help anyone following behind the truck to see both the lane ahead of the truck and the lane of traffic going in the opposite direction.  The idea is that not only will this live feed help you pass a slow-moving semi, but if something (like a deer) darts out in front of the truck and causes it to slam on its brakes, you’ll see that and react to it, too.

As Virginia (VA) truck accident injury lawyers we think this is a great idea although it make take some time before we see any of these on the road.  In a car accident involving a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck, the car usually takes the brunt of the damage and this often causes serious personal injuries to the driver of the car.  A fully loaded tractor-trailer weighs 80,000 pounds, and a typical passenger car weighs 4,000 pounds. That’s 20 times difference in weight. So it’s not uncommon for cars to be completely demolished after an accident with a truck.

But, what happens after the wreck?  Usually the trucking company and their insurance company send a team of lawyers and/or investigators to the scene of the truck crash looking for anything to reduce or completely deny a potential claim. This is why our team of experienced Virginia (VA) truck accident injury lawyers created a in-depth legal guide to that victims are fully informed and know how to combat their tactics.

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