Norfolk, VA Accident Injury Lawyer Info: Truck Driver Injured by Train at Crossing in Maryland (MD).

Investigators are looking into the cause of a November 12, 2011, crash between a truck and a train at a crossing in Harfrd County, Maryland (MD), where tracks owned by CSX cross Joppa Road.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the driver was injured and the train did not derail. The paper further reported that trains are supposed to sound their horns when they approach crossings. It's unclear if a horn was sounded before the collision, but the conductor said his horn was working and lights were operational on the crossing.


Site of the accident on Joppa Road, Harford County, MD

Numerous accidents take place at crossings such as this. In October 2011, for instance, our firm's experienced Virginia (VA) railroad accident lawyers reported that a 19-year-old was killed in Kentucky (KY) when she drove into the path of a Norfolk Southern train.

As a personal injury lawyer who regularly sues CSX on behalf of injured railroad workers and drivers of cars or trucks who are hit at crossings, I am acutely aware of the glaring lack of crossing safeguards. Crossings remain the most dangerous places on the railroad where injuries are most likely to happen. Often a rail operator or perhaps a trucking company can be held liable for injuries caused.

In 2005, I was involved in a case in which a conductor was injured by a hostler truck owned by CSX Intermodal, Inc. at a crossing in Portsmouth, VA. She was awarded a $650,000 verdict by a jury that was 20 times more than the amount offered by the insurer shortly before trial.


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