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Truck Safety Advocates Want Bill Veto

Advocates for truck safety are concerned about what they say are anti-safety provisions that some truck industry groups are trying to insert into a congressional bill.

They want President Obama to veto the bill if it includes the questionable provisions to increase trucker driver hours, or to let heavier trucks on the road.

According to the group Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, most Americans do not want to share the highways with bigger trucks that are driven by overworked truck drivers.

Truck lobbying groups want to increase limits on vehicle weights as well as the length of the trucks. They also want to decrease the number of hours that drivers must rest between shifts.

It is unclear at this point if the bill will be passed into law before the next congress convenes in January.

What is clear to us as truck accident personal injury attorneys is that anything that compromises public safety in the name of industry profits is a bad idea. We have seen countless truck accidents over the years caused by driver fatigue and poor maintenance.

One of our truck crash cases involved a negligent truck driver who rear ended our client’s car in Norfolk, VA. The crash and resulting fire killed our client. We determined that the driver of the truck was not properly controlling his diabetes, and was not taking his medication. This, we argued, caused him to lose control of his vehicle and crash into our client’s car. The case settled for $3.5 million that included compensation to support the child left behind until she is 22.

If stricter rules on truck safety and driver hours can prevent one of these fatal truck crashes, it is entirely worth it.  

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