Bus No.1118 was stopped at the intersection of Nevin Road and Gibbon Road on its way to John M. Morehead Elementary School with 18 school children in tow. A pickup truck approached the same intersection behind the bus. The bus driver was probably anticipating the truck driver would actually stop at the red light. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

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The truck crashed into the back of the school bus injuring six children and the bus driver, according to wcnc.com. The six students received treatment at Carolinas Medical Center.

This type of rear end crash is very common in the U.S. In fact, there were 1.8 million rear end car accidents in 2006, which is roughly 29 percent of all crash injuries in the country, according to Science Daily.

What caused the truck to hit the back of the bus? Was the driver distracted in some way? Were they speeding and didn’t apply the brakes in time? We still don’t have the full details of what happened since the investigation remains active.

Fortunately, none of the children were killed in the wreck but the trauma of being involved in such an accident could take a while to subside.