A collision between a pickup truck and motorcycle in Summerville, South Carolina (SC), on the afternoon of Christmas Eve 2016 left the bike rider dead. The fatal crash happened at the intersection of Bacons Bridge Road and Crestwood Drive as the driver of the truck attempted to turn left onto Bacons Bridge.



Multiple news outlets named the deceased motorcyclist as 26-year-old Michael Anthony Hall. He died at the scene after suffering what the coroner described as massive head trauma and brain injuries.

Law enforcement officials also disclosed the fact that the man who lost his life was riding without a helmet. South Carolina law allows motorcycle riders above the age of 21 to operate without a helmet. State statutes also make it clear that an adult’s refusal to use head protection does not constitute contributory negligence of the kind that permits an insurance company to automatically decline a personal injury or wrongful death claim following a wreck.

If investigators find that the motorcyclist had right of way while traveling along Bacons Bridge Road in Summerville, his family could have strong grounds for seeking compensation and damages from the pickup driver involved in this deadly crash. Consulting with an experienced and knowledgeable Carolina wrongful attorney would help them fight through any insurance company challenges based on information that their loved one was not using a motorcycle helmet when he sustained a fatal traumatic brain injury.