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Turning Driver Hits, Kills Simpsonville, SC Motorcycle Rider

A fatal wreck involving a motorcycle and a car occurred in Simpsonville, South Carolina (SC), on the afternoon of April 1, 1015. The 19-year-old behind the wheel of the larger vehicle has been charged with failing to yield right of way while attempting to make a left hand turn in front of the motorcycle rider on Neely Farm Road. According to reports, the motorcyclist got thrown from her bike and died from a combination bodily injuries, head trauma and traumatic brain injury.



Thousands of bikers sustain disabling injuries and get killed each year in left-turn accidents. Drivers in cars, trucks, buses and SUVs simply fail to spot two-wheelers or to correctly judge the distance and speed of approaching motorcycles. The key to preventing a potentially fatal mistake is to always err on the side of caution. Waiting for a large break in traffic, turning at arrow-controlled intersections and taking the few extra seconds needed to recheck blind spots, look left, look right and look left again can save a life.

With spring finally taking hold in South Carolina, committing to sharing the road respectfully and safely with motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles and pedestrians must become a priority for drivers. As important as helmets and other safety gear are, the best protection riders and walkers have comes from attentive and considerate drivers.


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