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Turning Motorcycle Rider Killed in Rear-End Collision

A rear-end collision in Oak Ridge, North Carolina (NC), left a motorcycle rider dead and the passenger on the bike hospitalized with serious injuries. The deadly crash happened near the intersection of Highway 68 and Hunting Cog Road on the afternoon of September 11, 2016.



Police have charged a pickup truck driver with causing the fatal wreck. According to news reports, the deceased victim and his passenger had stopped on the highway to turn left into a parking lot. The man in the pickup failed to brake in time to avoid running into the motorcycle. Alcohol was ruled out as a factor in making the at-fault driver negligent or reckless. Other explanations that require consideration include distraction, speeding and poorly maintained equipment.

If the man in the pickup did take his eyes and mind off the traffic ahead of him, he would bear responsibility for settling wrongful death and personal injury insurance claims. The same would be true if he was exceeding the speed limit or driving around with failing brakes and bald tires. Drivers have legal high duties to operate safely and to keep their vehicles in proper repair. Because neglecting those duties puts innocent people's lives and health at risk, drivers who cause deaths and inflict injuries must be held accountable.


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