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Turning SUV Hits, Kills Biker in Richland County, SC

A collision between an SUV and a motorcycle in Richland County, South Carolina (SC), on the afternoon of October 23, 2015, left the bike rider dead. The fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Clemson Road and Winslow Way.



According to news reports, the driver of the larger vehicle caused the deadly wreck while turning. The motorcycle rider died from unspecified injuries at the scene, while the two people in the SUV were not hurt. It is unclear whether charges will be filed against the surviving driver.

It is likely that the motorcyclist succumbed to traumatic brain injuries, What we cannot know is whether anything could have prevented a fatal TBI because not even the best-designed helmet can provide guaranteed protection when a vehicle the size of an SUV crashes into a largely defenseless biker.

Failing to yield right of way to motorcyclists leads to many preventable deaths. While bikes and bikers can be tough to spot, drivers must take the extra time to double and triple check possible blind spots for two-wheelers before turning, changing lanes or pulling out of driveways. And when a motorcycle is spotted, drivers should err on the side of caution when judging the bike's speed and distance. The time lost at an intersection makes a good trade for someone else's life.

My Carolina wrongful death attorney colleagues and I send our deepest condolences out to the friends and family members of the deceased motorcycle rider. We also want to urge all drivers to watch and wait for bikers.


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