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Turning Van Driver Kills Motorcyclist in North Charleston, SC

A hit-and-run collision in North Charleston, South Carolina (SC), on the night of January 20, 2016, left a motorcycle rider dead. The deadly crash happened on U.S. Highway 78 near the entrance to a trailer park.



Police told reporters that the at-fault driver turned left and cut off the motorcyclist. The biker initially survived the impact, but he succumbed to his injuries after arriving at a nearby hospital. Witnesses provided a detailed description of the fleeing vehicle, and investigators have asked people to be on the lookout for a white van with a long ladder strapped to its roof and significant damage to its right front bumper. Anyone with information has been asked to call (843) 554-5700.

Many accidents that leave motorcycle riders badly injured or dead occur because people behind the wheels of cars and trucks fail to yield right of way. A common explanation is that the driver did not spot the motorcyclist before turning, changing lanes or merging onto a highway. That cannot stand as an excuse, however, because all drivers have a duty to make sure that their actions will not harm others on the road. That duty entails checking blind spots and rescanning oncoming traffic specifically to pick out hazards that may have been overlooked earlier.

The person who left the scene of the crash in South Carolina compounded his or her negligence by leaving the motorcycle rider fatally injured and unattended. No good reason ever exists for driving off after becoming involved in a crash. Anyone hurt deserves attention and whatever aid can be offered. My Carolina wrongful death attorney colleagues and I hope the at-fault can driver is identified quickly and held fully accountable.



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