Overhead Power Lines Electrocute Two Arkansas (AR) Ground Workers

A tragic electrical shock accident has killed two ground workers in Pocahontas, Arkansas (AR). Two Region 8 farmers were killed Friday after they accidentally moved a grain auger into a high power line and were electrocuted. According to the Randolph County Sheriff's Office, Michael Thatch and Victor Throesch were killed in the accident.

Our thoughts go out to their families. It is very hard to accept the sudden death of a loved one, especially since it seems it could have been preventable. There isn’t enough information yet to know if the victims had been warned of the dangerous electrical equipment before they were instructed to move the equipment.

Officials with the Randolph County Sheriff's Office say both men were moving the auger by hand when the incident happened. Thatch died at the scene. Throesch was taken to the MED in Memphis, where he later died.

The incident happened approximately three miles west of Maynard. There is no news yet if they were wearing electrical protective equipment. Electrocution and electric shock injuries can occur in many different scenarios. Someone can suffer an electric shock while at work, at a recreational center, or at an industrial work site. These injuries are serious and can have life-altering consequences since electric shocks burn through nerve endings. We have handled electric shock cases, which are discussed in this video. If you or a loved one suffered an electric shock-related injury, contact our firm a free, no-hassle consultation.

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