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Two Brothers Injured by Exploding Pressure Fryer

Two brothers in Forest City, North Carolina were injured on the job at KFC when a pressure fryer exploded.

According to the family of the victims, the brothers suffered severe burns as they were cooking chicken in the kitchen of the Forest City KFC. For some reasons, the pressure cooker malfunctioned and sprayed both men with hot oil.

Both are recovering at a burn center in Augusta, Georgia. One man has burns on 70% of his body, and the other on 17% of his body.

The family told the media that they had been told by other employees that the pressure fryer had malfunctioned before.

Our entire personal injury law firm sincerely hopes both young men in this tragedy recover quickly from their injuries. These kind of personal injury cases on the job happen quite often; some of the cases we have worked on with worker injuries have included falling equipment, explosions, burns, toxic fumes and electrical shock.

Under worker’s compensation laws for most states, an employee cannot bring a personal injury suit against their employer. However, our personal injury firm has many decades of experience in determining whether an individual or company other than the employer can be held liable for causing the worker injury.

This is what is referred to in the legal world as a ‘third party’ action, with the third party being another company. So, in the case above, while the men probably cannot sue KFC for damages, the maker of the pressure fryer could theoretically be found to be negligent in court.

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