Two Burned and Hospitalized at White Oak Nursing Home in Charlotte, North Carolina

Two nursing home residents have been burned and taken to the hospital from a skilled nursing center in southeast Charlotte, North Carolina (N.C.). The burn accident happened at White Oak Manor on Craig Avenue last Saturday night. The Charlotte Fire Department says they still are not sure how the people were burned, and the cause is under investigation.

White Oak Manor is a 180 bed skilled nursing center near Cotswold Mall. The facility also includes a separate independent living apartment community. Both individuals were taken to the hospital. One of the victims is said to have life-threatening injuries.

People are put into nursing homes when their family members can no longer take care of them. These are supposed to be safe havens for the residents, but there are many dangers that are a part of nursing home living.


  1. The biggest problem nursing homes face is understaffing. There's a nursing shortage as well as a shortage of certified nursing assistants (CNAs) who handle the day-to-day physical care of each patient.
  2. Illnesses

  3. The biggest problem nursing home residents face is getting infections and colds on a consistent basis. Some residential areas need constant cleaning, and often there's not enough staff to get it done.
  4. Mentally Ill Residents

  5. Mentally ill patients are a major problem in nursing homes. Some patients suffer dementia or from Alzheimer's disease and can be dangerous to others.
  6. Predators

  7. Residents sometimes suffer physical or sexual abuse from other residents and staff. The screening processes for residents and staff aren't any more vigorous than they are in most jobs.
  8. Staying Alert

  9. It's important for family members or representatives of nursing home residents to look for signs of something wrong going on. If you can't get satisfaction from the nursing home, contact your state's Department of Health.

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