Two-Car Wreck Kills Stuart, Virginia Man

What Happened:

A two-car wreck killed a man in Stuart, Virginia and injured two others. Police stated that a Dodge Stratus was driving on Route 695, when it turned onto Route 58 and was hit by a Nissan Maxima. The Stratus driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the Nissan, Alfonzo Hughes, was injured and was charged with DUI. His passenger also was injured. Both were taken to Martinsville Memorial Hospital for treatment. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

The investigation into this wreck is continuing.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

This appears to be another sad case of a deadly car accident involving alcohol, which kills thousands of Americans each year. Regardless of who was at fault in this tragic wreck, being sober while driving could have prevented this accident from turning deadly. We wish the best to the family of the victim.

After a detailed case review by an experienced DUI personal injury lawyer, it is possible that the victim’s family could benefit from a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver charged with DUI. The family could recover lost wages, and compensation for funeral expenses and pain and suffering.

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