On Sunday, February 17, 2013, two children were playing in their backyard on Nutwood Lane near Rosewell, Texas. According to the Houston Chronicle, they came across a metal cable that was connected to a utility pole. For some reason, the cable was electrified, and when the kids came into contact with it, they were both shocked by electricity. Their injuries were critical, and they were transported immediately to the hospital where they were awaiting surgery as of February 18th.

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As one can expect, Texas authorities are trying to figure out how this happened, as well as CenterPoint Energy, the utility company responsible for the power lines in the area. The mother allegedly called CenterPoint a few days before to report a line hanging down from the utility pole, but it appears that nothing was done about it.

Our VA electrical shock lawyers have helped several clients receive compensation for electrical shock injuries and electrocution, including one airline pilot that received $1.5 million from a hotel where he was shocked in the shower. While many do not differentiate between electrical shock and electrocution, they definitely refer to two different things. Electrical shock occurs when someone is injured by electricity, while electrocution occurs when the victim is killed by electricity.

Electrical shock injuries can be very serious, resulting in nerve damage or even the permanent inability to use a limb. This article from one of our VA electrical shock attorneys talks about what can cause this type of injury, how it differs from other injuries, and what type of monetary damages may be awarded.

Our thoughts are with these two youngsters and their family. We hope they recover fully and go on to lead normal, happy lives. We also hope that whoever was responsible for this accident is held accountable and that they don’t allow this type of negligence to occur again.