According to a local news report, two workers in Cary, North Carolina suffered injuries on a construction site. The accident took place along the 6100 block of Tryon Road in Cary where workers were busy pouring concrete.

Authorities say the accident took place while a large concrete pumping truck was doing work on the Tryon Road Greenway project. Police say the truck was somehow able to topple over with its long boom arm extended in front of the truck.

The accident took place just before 7:30 in the morning. Investigators say they have not yet determined the cause of the accident, but a short search of the scene revealed that the support arms of the truck had sunk into soft ground in front of the truck, possibly causing it to be thrown off balance.

Police say two workers with Concrete & Material Placement were injured in the accident. One of the men was knocked off a wall by the toppling cement truck while the other man had his torso trapped between two sections of fallen metal. Both men were taken to WakeMed for treatment of their injuries.

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Here’s a Google Map showing the location of the construction accident:

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