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Two Die in Rear End Wreck in Clarke County, Virginia

Virginia State Police stated last week that there was a fatal accident on Route 7 in Clarke County, Virginia.

State troopers said that the accident happened at Route 7 and Route 632 last Thursday evening. One of the cars was stopped in the right hand lane of Route 7 eastbound, and was rear ended by the second car coming up behind it.

One driver was wearing her seat belt and the other was not, but both drivers died at the crash scene.

Our personal injury firm has seen a number of rear end accidents in the last several years that led to serious injury or death. Sadly, both drivers in this case above perished in the wreck. If the police investigation shows that the second driver was the cause of the accident, the first driver’s family could file a wrongful death lawsuit against the other driver’s estate. In such cases, the car insurance policy of the driver could pay out funds to cover funeral expenses and pain and suffering compensation for the family of the victim.

This terrible tragedy should remind all drivers of the importance of paying strict attention to their driving, as just a few seconds’ inattention can result in catastrophe.

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