Two Die When Tractor Trailer Flips on NJ Freeway

Two people died in a fiery wreck on a highway in New Jersey yesterday, when a tractor trailer flipped. This trapped a car under the tractor trailer and both vehicles exploded into flames.

Police say that the tractor trailer flipped over onto a car on Route 21 in New Jersey near Belleville in the evening on Nov. 3. Those two vehicles caught on fire, and another car crashed into those two but did not catch fire.

Two passengers in the car that caught fire died of their injuries at the scene. The drivers in the big rig and the other car were not injured.

Accident witnesses said that a car cut the tractor trailer off and kept going. This caused the truck to crash into the guardrail and tip over onto another car. The witnesses said that the truck driver was cut off and that the accident was not his fault.

Witnesses added that the big rig driver was screaming to passersby that the car passengers were trapped in the car and to save them.

The road was shut down overnight as police investigators cleared the scene.

The driver of the vehicle that allegedly cut off the truck driver has not been identified.

Over the years in our work as personal injury truck accident attorneys in Virginia, we have seen many car/truck accidents that were the fault of the truck driver, such as in a case we settled for $21 million when a truck driver rear ended a car in Virginia Beach. But occasionally we see fatal truck accidents that are caused by careless car drivers. It is extremely important to remember that trucks are much bigger and heavier than passenger cars, and take much longer to slow down.

When a car driver passes a truck, the car should wait to move over to the right until they can see the entire truck cab in their rear view mirror. That gives the truck driver enough room in case it needs to brake suddenly.

That simple act would have saved two lives in this tragic case.

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