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Two Injured in Left-Turn Wreck in Suffolk, VA

A head-on collision in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), sent the drivers of both cars to hospitals with serious but not life-threatening injuries. The wreck occurred in the 2300 block of Whaleyville Boulevard shortly before noon on June 3, 2015.



One of the drivers appears to have been turning left off Whaleyville when the wreck happened. Police could not immediately determine whether the turning driver failed to yield right of way to the driver going straight or if that other driver had been speeding or become distracted. It is also unclear whether either of the people involved was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

News reports did not include details on the nature of the drivers' injuries. My Virginia personal injury law firm colleagues and I know from helping many victims of left-turn crashes and head-on collisions, however, that brain injuries, neck injuries and back injuries are common. Recovering from any of those types of trauma can take months or years, and chronic pain and permanent disabilities are possibilities.

We wish the people hurt in this Suffolk wreck quick returns to full health. We also urge all drivers turning left to exercise care and caution, waiting until they are sure no other vehicles are close enough to pose hazards before crossing oncoming traffic. Similarly, people going through intersections or areas where cars and trucks are turning must remain alert and ready to respond appropriately to vehicles crossing their paths.


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