What began as a joyride for two Kannapolis, North Carolina boys ending in a tragic accident when a van struck them while they were riding a recreational go-cart. The boys, both 12 years old, had to be rushed immediately to the Carolinas Medical Center once first responders arrived. A good samaritan stopped to assist the boys and called 911 upon seeing the the boys on the side of the road. The driver of the van that struck the boys failed to stop after the collision and left the scene leaving the boys unattended, initially.

Latest word is that one of the boys has been released from the hospital and the other is still listed in critical condition from his injuries. Thank God the passer-by saw the boys and called 911 when he did otherwise they would have been exposed to further injuries along the road. A word of thanks goes out to Chris Mullis as he stayed by their side keeping them calm while waiting for the EMTs.

Here is a quick video clip provided by local news station WBTV interviewing the Good Samaritan:

Family and friends of the critically injured boy are struggling in grief right now as the wait to hear how things will turn out for him.  The Kannapolis police charged the driver of the van, 60 year old James Ray Johnson, in connection with the collision. As per the police report, Johnson was driving within the posted speed limit; however, he was not supposed to be driving as he did not have a driver’s license.

What appears to have happened was the boys on the go-cart wer coming out of the driveway of 1008 Debbie Street at approximately 9:34 am when they were hit by Johnson’s van which was heading east. Police say that Johnson’s van struck the go-cart and he then continued driving south on North Little Texas Road without stopping.  It is unclear if Johnson was aware he struck the go cart.

According to the report from WBTV the boys attend nearby Kannapolis Intermediate School, however, the boys were out of school enjoying their spring break off from school. It is apparent that at least one of the children were wearing a helmet. Neighbors familiar with Johnson described him as a nice man and that this is totally out of character for him.

It’s imperative to obey all laws when traveling in your car or motorized vehicle. If you find yourself driving in a heavily populated neighborhood always play it safe and drive especially cautious as you may encounter unexpected pedestrians along the road, or children playing near the street. Although you may know the road and might be very familiar with the area that you travel, you must keep a keen eye open for the unexpected no matter how routine your drive may be. Although we do not know the family, our hearts and prayers go out to them in their time of grief and worry. As a father I can understand this difficult time and  we wish them the very best.