What Happened:

A 2007 Toyota Scion was driving west about two miles east of Hillsborough, North Carolina, when it slammed into a Ford Escort going in the opposite direction. Both of the drivers were women and died at the scene due to the crash and the fire afterward.

One of the drivers was from Bermuda, and had moved to North Carolina in recent months. She was working in human resource and was a training liaison for the North Carolina Central University campus police department.

The crash is still being investigated, and it not known who was at fault at this time.

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

According to government statistics, about 18% of fatal wrecks in the US occur in head on crashes. And, as appears to be the case in this tragic wreck, about 75% of these head on crashes happen on rural, two lane roads. These government statistics also indicate that many of the head on wrecks do not involve improper passing, but rather lack of attention to the road. We all should remember how important it is to always keep our attention on the road in front of us. We should never be distracted by cell phones, the radio, or our conversations with passengers.

We send our deepest condolences to the families of both crash victims.

If you or your family has been victimized by a driver in a head on crash, you should be aware that many head on crashes in North Carolina involve speeding and a lack of a median. Combined with inattention, the possibility for tragedy is always present. If the worst does occur, you should be represented by a North Carolina personal injury lawyer with a strong record of winning major financial settlements for car accident victims.

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Read more details about what causes most head on wrecks, including driver inattention, fatigue, speeding, drinking and driving and over corrections.

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