What Happened:

Two men, Brian Pegram and Anthony Sides, were handcuffed and seated on the side of the road for questioning by police when they were hit the Kernersville police chief’s vehicle. Both men were thrown over 30 feet and had to be transported to the hospital with serious injuries, according to  digtriad.com.

Reports indicate that the police chief was traveling at 50mph and was “riding his brakes” when he hit the two victims. The police chief is currently on administrative leave.

Below is a news report on this Kernersville accident…

The North Carolina Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

Mr. Pegram and Mr. Sides may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim against the police chief. Some people may look at this accident and factor in the two men being in handcuffs and sitting on the side of the road, but that does not give anyone, even a police chief, the right to hit them with a vehicle.

Our firm has experience handling cases against police departments and it can be both a complex and lengthy process. The police chief’s defense might be based around an argument of contributory negligence since the two victims were sitting on the road. However, that argument is rather weak since the police placed the two men on the side of the road to wait for questioning.   

Potentially Helpful Info:

This article discusses the damages that may be available for the victims.

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