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Two North Carolina (NC) Pedestrians Killed by Train in Southeast Charlotte

What Happened

Two women were hit and killed by a train in the 8500 block of Monroe Road in southeast Charlotte on March 17, 2013. The train was headed south and according to the conductor, he sounded his horn and tried to slow down when he saw the women. After the train finally stopped, the engineer got out and confirmed the two women had been struck. An investigation has been launched to identify the victims and to figure out why they tried to cross the tracks.

This map shows the approximate location of the train accident in Charlotte

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The North Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyers’ Perspective

It’s always unfortunate to hear of an unnecessary loss of life. Crossing railroad tracks is quite dangerous, if there is wind or traffic noise, people get surprised by approaching trains and may be unable to get off the tracks in time. According to the Federal Railroad Administration more than 50% of all railroad accidents occur at unprotected crossings and over 80% of railroad crossings don't have adequate warning devices. With the limited details it is hard to know how the accident happened.  However the families of the women should contact an experienced North Carolina (NC) wrongful death attorney to discuss the possibility of a wrongful death claim. Our injury lawyers are nationally recognized in the field of railroad accident injury law and have represented many victims involved in accidents including a record setting $60 million jury verdict that was awarded to a clerk who suffered a traumatic brain injury from a Norfolk Southern railroad accident.

Railroad companies are infamous for denying responsibility, especially at railway crossings. This makes the litigation process a very complicated arena. If it can be proven the railroad company is at fault for the accident or the warning indicators of the tracks were malfunctioning there may be the potential for a wrongful death claim. If a loved one was killed by a train, do not hesitate to call for a private consultation. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience and have established an excellent track record of success in favor of our clients.

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