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Two on Virginia’s (VA) Eastern Shore Injured as Passengers by Drunk Driver

As experienced Virginia (VA) car accident attorneys we know that drunk drivers often hurt more than just themselves. This was the case Monday night in Pungoteague on Virginia's (VA) Eastern Shore. Two people died in a crash and two others were injured. The driver is now dead as well as the front seat passenger after he lost control of the vehicle and ran off the road. Our experienced Virginia personal injury law firm finds drunk driving inexcusable and we never represent drunk drivers. On the contrary the only contact we have with drunk drivers is when we sue them to gain recovery for the people they hurt.

We have a long history of winning cases for those hurt or killed by drunk drivers:

In cases such as the nine-year old boy the family is not only suing the drunk driver for recovery to pay medical bills while the child recovers. But to also cover the living expenses from the brain injury that will permanently impair this child throughout his entire adult life.  

The most recent crash on the Eastern Shore is different than the above cases. Because the people injured in this case were riding with the drunk driver. Most likely the passengers had no idea how impaired the driver was when they agreed to get into the car. So in this case we would represent the passengers that were wrongfully injured and killed by the drunk driver.

In a single vehicle accident if you are injured as a passenger you would need to file a claim against the driver's insurance, even if the driver is now deceased. If you are in a similar situation I would recommend reading The Best Guide to Car Accident Injuries in Virginia for more information.

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