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Two People Killed in I-81 Wreck South of Williamsport

A man and his wife were killed in an awful wreck after a pickup truck rear-ended their Jeep Liberty. The tragic incident occurred on Interstate 81 (I-81) just south of the U.S. 11-Williamsport exit.
Joseph Digiovanni and his wife, Esther Digiovanni, died on impact. Mr. Digiovanni reportedly had to slow down quickly due to a backup related to road construction. The driver of a 2010 Ford pick-up truck failed to notice the backed-up traffic and wound up slamming into the rear of the Jeep, which immediately burst into flames.
The married couple were trapped in the wreckage as the vehicle burned. The pick-up truck driver declined to be taken to the hospital.
Our deepest condolences go out to the Digiovanni family. Losing someone you loveis always heartbreaking, but the pain is made that much worse when the loss is sudden and completely unexpected. It also has to be infuriating to know that this tragic incident may have been avoidable, if only the pick-up truck driver exercised more caution and vigilence while on the road. 
Police are unsure, as of the date of this posting, whether criminal charges will be filed against the driver of the pickup truck. 
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