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Two School Bus Drivers Cited in Chesterfield Crash

Both school bus drivers who were involved in a Chesterfield, V.A. crash have been cited by police as being at-fault in the accident. The accident occurred at Iron Bridge and Whitepine Roads at approximately 8:30 a.m.

According to law enforcement reports, a small, silver passenger vehicle and both school buses were heading east on Iron Bridge Road. The buses were carrying students from Meadowbrook High and transporting them to Chesterfield Technical Center.

As the vehicles approached the traffic lights at the intersection of Whitepine Road, the car began to slow down in order to stop for the red-light. As the car slowed, one of the buses smashed into the rear of the vehicle. The second school bus then crashed into the first one.

Seven of the students and the adult female driver of the car were all transported to Chippenham Hospital. Both the driver of the first bus, a 67-year-old North Chesterfield woman, and the driver of the second bus, a 65-year-old woman also from North Chesterfield, were charged with following too closely.   

This crash comes just days after a 26-year-old father was killed in a crash with another school bus. This tragic accident also occurred in Chesterfield. The investigation into that crash is still ongoing.

According to DMV statistics, there have been 47 school bus crashes since the beginning of the school year. Seventeen of those crashes have occurred in Chesterfield County.

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