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Two Teenagers Killed in Haymarket Car Crash

You've made the conscious choice not to drink and drive. You've got a ride lined up to head back home. Unfortunately, your responsible behavior does not translate to the driver. This is the unfortunate fact behind a tragic car wreck in Haymarket, Virginia (VA).

A 15-year-old returning home from a concert in his friend's Mazda RX-8 wound up getting killed after the driver lost control of the car on a hill crest at Logmill Road, hit an Acura, slammed into a ditch, and flipped over. Reports indicate the 18-year-old driver was speeding and may have consumed alcohol, according to Another passenger in the car survived, as did the driver of the Acura.

The 15-year-old passenger had a bright future at Battlefield High School. He was a football player and had dozens of friends. My deepest sympathies go out to his family.

This terrible car accident illustrates the fact that when we drink, having a ride home isn't enough. You need to be sure the driver hasn't consumed too much alcohol either. Far too many passengers lose their lives in car accidents involving a drunk driver. These are innocent people who have died due to no fault of their own.

"With drinking and driving, make smart choices because in a second, your whole life could change. Now I'm an only child," said the sister of the 15-year-old who had his life taken away far too soon.


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