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Two Teens on Scooter Struck by Car

It was like David and Goliath when two teens riding on a motorized scooter were mowed down by a car in Rockville, Maryland, near the Virginia (VA) border.  The 19-year old driver of the scooter is in serious condition and the 16-year old is in critical condition after the crash.  The man initially stopped at the accident scene, but then left the two seriously injured teens lying in the road way.  The at-fault driver eventually turned himself in to police, says The Washington Examiner.

First of all, it is terrible that someone would be careless enough to run over a scooter that had two riders.  But it is unthinkable that he could then leave a very badly injured child and young adult to basically die on the side of the road.  Hit and run accidents are terrible because the driver shows no concern for the lives of others.  Thankfully this driver was able to show some responsibility by turning himself in later.

Riding a motor scooter, moped,
ATV, or motorcycle requires a heightened level of caution and vigilance.  Scooter operators do not fare well in car versus scooter accidents. Head injury, cervical spine injury, broken limbs and internal organ damage are common results of accidents involving scooters.   I am wrapping up a case right now where a woman died from a similar crash in SC.  If you have been involved in an accident while operating a scooter and have suffered similar injuries please contact us for information about your rights.

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