va truck accident attorneysThree cars in Havelock, North Carolina had quite a scare when two rear tires and a hub flew off of a tractor trailer on U.S. 70 causing a car accident.

One of the victims, Debbie Wait of New Bern said, “I was driving down the road and saw a tire coming. There was nothing I could do. I was just hoping it didn’t hit the windshield.”  Wait’s brand new Toyota Sienna had a muddy tire print on the front bumper from the tire’s impact. Another victim was thankful for only having some dents and bodywork torn on his vehicle. According to eyewitnesses everyone involved was very, very lucky. The tires where bouncing and hit the median and went clear across the road to the other lanes of traffic.

The tire reportedly also struck another car, a red Trans Am, doing minor damage.  All told, the two tires struck three different vehicles and caused a considerable amount of property damage and caused quite a stir among all those involved. As reported by local news sources, the truck was one of twenty five that the waste authority operates. The driver was headed back to the transfer station managed by the Coastal Environmental Partnership. In all fairness, Ms Wait said that the truck driver stopped immediately after he saw the tires strike her vehicle and knew that they came from his trailer.

After a North Carolina truck accident, it’s important to take the right steps immediately. There are certain crucial things to do after any car accident in North Carolina, even if it looks like only minor property damage has happened.  There are several more steps to take if you have been injured. When a commercial vehicle of any kind, like a trash truck, an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, or any other truck such as a semi, construction or delivery truck is involved, additional considerations become important such as getting cell phone pictures of the damage and the scene, gathering witness names and phone numbers.  However, its important to all seek a confidential consultation with an injury attorney is serious injuries are involved as the truck insurance adjusters, and even attorneys, will go the accident scene right away to protect the trucking company.