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Two Trucks Collide in South TX, Killing One and Injuring Four

Two trucks collided on I-35 near San Marcos TX in late November, which then hit two cars, leaving one driver dead and four injured.

The crash happened Nov. 25 at 3:30 PM. Witnesses said that traffic going north on I-35 was slowed for a minor accident. A gravel truck swerved, sideswiped two big rigs and also two cars. Then it hit the middle concrete wall, which spilled some of the gravel into the southbound lanes.

The gravel truck then hit another car, which was forced into the path of a tractor trailer. The gravel truck, car and tractor trailer all caught on fire.

One of the car drivers died, and diesel fuel was spilled on both sides of the highway.

Many of our legal cases in Virginia involve careless truck drivers who take the lives of others. In one particular personal injury case, our client driving a car died when a tractor trailer tried to change lanes, but miscalculated the distance from his truck and the rear of the car. He clipped the car’s rear, which caused it to flip. This killed our client instantly, leaving behind his wife and four adult children.

One of our strategies to win a $2.4 million settlement from the trucking company in a wrongful death suit was to use the services of a grief counselor. Although the adult children did not think they needed counseling, the counselor’s testimony was extremely effective in winning the case for our client’s family.


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