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VA Truck Accident Injury Lawyers: Wrecks Due to Sleeping Truck Drivers Raise Concern

VA truck accident injury attorneysRecently, U.S. Route 13 was shut down for several hours after a fully loaded Krispy Kreme truck crashed in Temperanceville, VA. According to police, the accident involved a 2007 Ford Econoline delivery truck crashing into a utility pole and eventually running into a house.  Officials with the Virginia State Police say the driver fell asleep behind the wheel, then the truck drifted out of its lane.

The delivery truck was moving so fast at the time that it was able to hit a mailbox, utility pole, an outside stairway and still keep going into a utility room at the house. Police say the impact of the accident was so strong that the entire house was knocked eight or nine inches off its foundation. Thankfully no one was in the house at the time, given that truck only came to a rest 12 feet into the house. Police say they have cited the driver for failing to maintain control of his vehicle.

In a totally unrelated incident, the next evening saw a second accident caused by a tired trucker. This time, Henrico County police say they spent hours clearing the scene of an overturned UPS tractor-trailer accident on Route 895. Police say that the tractor-trailer crash happened around 3 in the morning when the driver of the tractor-trailer ran off the right side of the road. This jolted the sleeping driver awake and caused him to overcorrect, causing the truck to flip. 




This is not the first time our firm has written about the dangers of drowsy driving and how the risk of being involved in a fatal accident increases exponentially when a driver is exhausted and decides to drive long distances. If you are feeling at all sleepy, it’s essential to take a break; the worst thing you can do is continue to push yourself and wind up getting into a potentially deadly wreck because you dozed off.

If you’ve been injured in a Virginia car, truck or motorcycle accident, whether the driver was sleeping at the time of the crash or not, you likely are wondering what you should do to move the case forward. If so, consider checking out my firm’s library of attorneys' answers to frequently asked questions regarding Virginia (VA) car accidents.




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