If you get into an accident on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), the consequences can be severe. That is what two teenagers in Martinsburg, West Virginia (WV) learned after their ATV went into the mouth of Back Creek near the Potomac River, according to the Herald-Mail.

Both teenagers, an 18-year-old female and a 19-year-old male, suffered serious injuries.

In 2008, over 135,000 people suffered injuries in ATV-related accidents in the U.S. Even more disturbing is the fact that over 400 people lost their lives in ATV wrecks, according to ATVSafety.gov.

If you decide to take a ride on your ATV, be extremely cautious. ATVs pose virtually the same safety risks as motorcycles. Yes, ATVs have four wheels, but your body is still exposed to the elements and wind up taking the full force of any ATV crash.