Lisa Langemann, a second grade school teacher in Bethel, North Carolina (NC) was traveling down Highway 43 when her life came to a sudden, tragic end. A trailer came unhitched from a truck and collided with Langemann’s vehicle. She was only 27 years old and the mother of two daughters.

It turns out the truck hauling the trailer failed to use safety chains, which is a key safety component, and that caused the trailer to come loose on the highway, according to Charges have been filed against the at-fault driver.

My deepest condolences go out to the Langemann family. I also want to send my sympathies out to her second grade class. She was a teacher at Bethel School for three years, according to Furthermore, the second grade class at the school was comprised of only 31 students so the impact of this loss may be severe.

Our firm has written about the risks of runaway trailers and this heartbreaking accident highlights just how important it is to make sure your trailer is attached safely, and legally, to your vehicle.