Union Pacific Works With Police Across US to Improve Rail Crossing Safety

Union Pacific Railroad is actively working with local law enforcement across the country to target drivers who unsafely cross at railroad crossings. Union Pacific is running a PR campaign called ‘UP Cares,’ which is aimed to prevent railroad crossing accidents.

Police are being more aggressive to hand out tickets to any driver caught not stopping at a railroad crossing as a train approaches. They also will hand out warnings or tickets to drivers who try to beat the gates as they drop down.

Often, people race through railroad crossings on the way to or on the way home for work, and this can have deadly consequences. It can take 1 mile for a fully loaded train to stop, so a foolish driver can easily be killed if he tries to beat the train.

 Our legal team in Virginia has seen too many preventable injuries and deaths at railroad crossings. In our work as Virginia train accident personal injury lawyers, we have seen situations where the driver is at fault, but other cases where the train engineer was at fault as well. What is important to remember is that as a car driver, you are likely to die if your car is hit by a train, so be sure to exercise extreme caution on or near railroad tracks.

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