Unlicensed Teen Fleeing Police Kills Man Mowing Lawn

A Newport News, Virginia (VA), man suffered fatal injuries when a teenager who was fleeing from police struck him as he was mowing his lawn on the afternoon of July 29, 2016. The at-fault driver, who was later found to be unlicensed and wanted in the Richmond area on a robbery charge, continued driving for a short distance after hitting and killing the man on Red Oak Circle.



The deadly hit-and-run accident began unfolding when Newport News police stopped an SUV at the corner of Tyner Road and Richneck Road in an attempt to serve a warrant to the driver. While the driver was dealing with law enforcement personnel by the side of the road, a passenger climbed behind the wheel of the SUV from the backseat and sped off.

The teen who seized the SUV and killed the man doing lawn maintenance now faces felony charges for committing vehicular homicide and causing a death in a hit-and-run collision. Additional charges have also been filed, and more may be coming. One that will particularly stand out as being important for the family members of the deceased man is sure to be operating a motor vehicle with no license.

Virginia law requires anyone who holds a driver's license to either carry auto insurance with liability coverage or to pay a yearly uninsured motorist fee of several hundred dollars. The teenager responsible for the fatal hit-and-run in Newport News, lacking a license, presumably lacks any form of driver's insurance. Also, as a minor, the teen girl has few financial resources for paying wrongful death claims out of her own pocket.

The one recourse the loved ones of the man who lost his life so senselessly may have is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage through his own insurance policy. Accessing UM/UIM coverage can be complicated, and insurance companies often contest such claims as vigorously as they .would claims against another driver. Consulting with a caring and experienced Virginia wrongful death attorney could help the family clear any hurdles.


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