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US Postal Truck Crash Scatters Mail in Columbus, Ohio

Pieces of US mail were scattered across eastern Columbus, Ohio early this week after a car driver cut off the driver of a US mail truck. The truck slammed into a tree and scattered mail all over the road.


Parts of Agler Road in Columbus had to be shut down as police cleared the accident scene and collected as much of the mail as they could.

The truck hit the tree at 3 am on December 3, after a car driver went left of center and cut off the truck. The truck driver had to swerve to avoid an accident, but he could not control the truck. He then hit the tree and the truck flipped over. Fortunately, the truck driver was uninjured.

Police continue to search for the car driver.

Our legal work as truck accident personal injury attorneys has caused us to see many terrible accidents caused by careless truck drivers. We often deal with large legal settlements involving truck crashes, such as this one for $21 million when a truck driver rear ended a car in Virginia Beach. However, some truck accidents are caused by foolish and reckless CAR drivers.

This crash, which fortunately did not lead to injuries, is a potent reminder of the dangers of cutting off a large, heavy tractor trailer. It is imperative to remember to give big rigs plenty of space on the road.


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