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US Senator Wants to Change Law to Shut Down Dangerous Trucking Companies

A federal law on the books is allowing some trucking companies with questionable safety records to operate in New York state. But Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is trying to tighten that law as he calls for tougher tracking measures that would keep unsafe trucking firms off the highways.

Schumer stated this week that rather than paying fines or dealing with penalties, some unsafe companies dissolve and reapply for a new permit under another name. This is referred to as a chameleon carrier, with the same employees and owners, under another name.

Schumer claims there are 500 of these companies in New York, and one of them was involved in a deadly crash in Ithaca this year.

Schumer said that the trucking firm that owned the big rig that crashed there had 29 safety violations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Some of the citations included having unqualified drivers and faking log books.

Schumer recommends that FMCSA look more closely at new license applications. “They should look not just at the name, but see who is really behind it. If it’s the same drivers and the same trucks and owners, they should reject the application if there are previous, serious safety violations.”

As truck crash personal injury attorneys in Virginia, we have seen the tragic results of unsafe truck drivers. They lead to many fatal accidents every year that destroy people’s lives forever. One settlement we were involved in won $21 million for a child’s brain injuries after their car was rear ended by a truck in Virginia Beach. We are completely in favor of toughening federal laws that put unsafe truck operators out of business.


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