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SUV Passenger Killed by Hit-and-Run Commercial Truck Driver

A hit-and-run collision involving a commercial flatbed truck and an SUV left the driver of the smaller vehicle badly injured and the SUV's passenger dead. The fatal crash occurred on I-77 through Chester County, South Carolina (SC), at 3:10 am, February 8, 2016.



The SUV ran off the interstate and rolled over after getting struck by the truck. The passenger died at the scene, just south of the town of Richburg. The SUV driver required transportation to a hospital with a major trauma ward but is expected to survive.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is asking anyone who witnessed the wreck or knows the identity of the at-fault ruck operator to call (800) 768-1504 or (888) CRIME-SC. The fleeing flatbed reportedly has a seriously damaged electric purple front bumper. It may also be a heavy pickup rigged with a tow trailer.

Finding the truck driver is essential to ensuring the victims of the crash receive compensation and see justice done. In addition to robbing one person's family and loved ones of years of companionship, the negligent truck driver left another person facing a long physical recovery and steep medical bills. Simply driving off should never relieve an at-fault driver of the burden of paying for the harm he or she inflicts.

My Carolina wrongful death attorney colleagues and I know that hit-and-run drivers can be located and held to account. We want this to happen quickly in Chester County. While the individuals victimized by the trucker's thoughtless actions may have some uninsured motorist coverage to ease their financial difficulties, it is more fair for the person at fault to pay the costs.


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