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VA Brain Injury Lawyers: New Treatment May Bring Hope

VA brain injury lawyerFrench researchers say they restored some signs of consciousness in a brain-injured man who hadn't shown any awareness in 15 years.

The new brain injury treatment involved implanting a device in the man's chest to electrically stimulate the vagus nerve, which extends into the brain. The technique is sometimes used for depression or to reduce the number of seizures in epilepsy. The vagus nerve, which also reaches down into the abdomen, plays many roles including slowing the heartbeat and controlling muscles of the small intestine.  During months of experimental treatment, his gaze could follow a moving object and he turned his head toward people speaking to him. He could also turn his head when asked to do so.  During the treatment, the man also shed tears and smiled while listening to a favorite song.   

The 35-year-old man, who was injured in a traffic accident, had spent 15 years in a so-called vegetative state.  As Virginia traumatic brain injury lawyers this news is very encouraging.  Many of our clients have loved ones who have been permanently injured by a TBI.  This treatment may one day be available to help treat TBI injuries, but at what cost?

Recently, our Virginia head injury lawyers settled a $21 million Virginia Beach truck accident case involving a little girl who suffered severe brain trauma when her parents’ car was rear-ended by a big rig going approximately 40 miles per hour. While everyone in the family was injured, the child received multiple skull fractures, brain bleeding, and frontal lobe damage.When handling the case, our injury attorneys retained a life care planner to help us understand the consequences and future costs of the little girl’s injury. 

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